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At ThinkData, we are dedicated to providing quality enterprise software solutions, 3rd party development tools and custom applications programming to small-to-medium size organizations.


Our first product, the EnhancedScrollClass (EScroll) was released in December 2001. We became the first 3rd party vendor in the world to provide native COM automation in Clarion with our OutlookFUSE product release. We have since released additional products including COM Automation for QuickBooks and Microsoft XML/SOAP. ThinkData products are in use in over 50 countries worldwide. Please visit our Products section for further information.


ThinkData also provides consulting and custom applications programming services ranging in scope from component development to enterprise application architecture. We have technical expertise in Clarion, C# and C++ as well as a variety of other programming languages, database and web technologies. Please visit our Services section for a detailed list of technologies and experience.


Featured Products

xmlFUSE - Microsoft XML/SOAP
automation for Clarion

$249.00 USD - Click Here to Buy

qbFUSE - Quickbooks
Automation for Clarion

$199.00 USD - Click Here to Buy


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